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Bringing back memories

East Coast Park, an iconic place in the hearts of many people. To me it brings back memories of dates and long talks watching the world go by. Barbecues, the smell of smoke and meat mixed with the sounds of laughter. Lately it’s been riding my bike with the wind in my hair against the backdrop of the sea and ships.

It’s the name of this cocktail which is “TIKI” but with local elements to it. Plantation Rum, lime, lychee, sour plum and lemongrass. Days on the beach couldn’t be more refreshing.

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Dave Koh

Bar Stories Founder

Cocktail Gallery

Bar Stories original bespoke cocktails are created from the most curated elements. The drinks are made with the freshest ingredients, the finest spirits, and an array of artisanal bitters, infusions, and extracts, all beautifully presented.